Zamu Ho 何世恒

founder/managing Director


+852 3484 3831

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ZAMU (Legend of Sand)

Legendary surfers have inspired many generations of wave riders. The ones who never experienced Big waves will never understand. 

OXR believes these wave riders are well respected, like warriors who can delicate their lives to search for the biggest waves and at their same time finding their true soul at the sea. The surfboard is the sword and the protected suit is the Body Armour. Zamu is to design the ultimate suit for these warriors to Keep them protected at the sea and at the same time looking “Good!”   


Our concept is simple: Use the latest, most advanced technology available ensuring our customers have the most comfortable and best-fitting product on the market. Our goal is to make garments that fit perfectly over every part of the body, increasing performance without compromising comfort or durability. We will work directly with our customers, always ensuring their needs are met first. rom start to finish, we will help you achieve your goal and make sure that you will always have the edge on your competition. 

OXR concept:

The birth of Ocean Cross Roads is to built a friendly community where Athletes, Artists, Businessman, Fashion Designers, Musicians, Web Designers or anybody really who can offers their professionalism to serve the society where we can all cross together and become one unity. The goal is to create a platform where everyone could share their ideas and merge into something greater by helping to expand our imagination further, to innovate without the ideas being stolen. 

At the beginning of Earth, what separate us between the world is Ocean and Roads, and if we could take this as a belief where the two can cross together, that’s mean we have unlimited access to sharing and receiving new ideas, making the world into a much better place. 

As an individual, please do not fear and dought on yourself. Together with the OXR community we will help each other to conquer our fears and go on to achieve your goals. Always remember that you are not alone and you will have our support all the way through.